Being Friends

The other night on my way home, I was having one of my pondering sessions while wandering to the station.

I was thinking about all those awesome people in my life, whom I treasure, who have left deep marks in my life and strangely the ones I talk to the least.

So on one hand these people are my best/good friends, some I call my brothers/sisters. Yet on the other hand when it comes to the day to day grind of life, I hardly share anything with them. That’s odd. Since childhood, I have grown up with the notion that best friends share everything. But here I am in friendships with those who I hardly speak to twice a week, sometimes even less. With some I speak to in gaps of say months. But these are still the people I can spend hours talking to, people I can connect with as easily as turning on a switch, and people with whom I can be the most of me.

And so the realisation:

When it comes to my friends I realised that no matter where we are they will be constant. Like a shadow; not always acknowledged but omnipresent. It is after this thought that I felt partially content as I know I hold the same position in the lives of most of my friends too.

So whenever I am not talking to you or you are not talking to me; do not assume that we have become less important for the other. We are not talking because we hold each other special, like the awesome and beautiful suit or dress that we keep hidden for the most important of occasions.

And it may be the same for you, you may stop and realise the same has happened to you. But just remember, even though you may not have spoken to one of your best/good friends for a while – they will always be there for you and you are not alone. Come rain, shine, good times or bad times, they will be there to catch up over cake – to celebrate or support you.

The Girl Who Writes



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