Message From Me

You may have noticed, I have written for a while and have not been posting as frequently as I had done previously and to be honest it’s because I have been going through a difficult time. I lost my positivity, I let my circumstances overrule, I buried my head in the sand.I lost focus.

I stumbled across an earlier blog post and reading it back to myself I realised that I I had let this get too far and it was time to pack the self pity away and flex the finger tips and write. Maybe I’ll share it all with you bit by bit but all I know is that I need to keep moving forward through the tunnel.

Divorce, Bereavement, Betrayal, Illnesses: physically or mentally, hidden or visible are all hard to deal with and we may not be able to see the light at the end of our tunnels just yet, but I hope in time this blog – posts pastt and future, can help us all. I am hoping my thoughts and experiences can be a positive, inspirational and helpful source for anyone who needs the encouragement, including myself. 

The Girl Who Writes



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