True Love Is Curious

On the surface, it may appear that everyone seems happy, connected, and free of care. After all, we’re all trained to wear “the mask”. Yet, in the midst of it all, there are so many people who are suffering quietly. Oh, they go through the motions, complete with smiles and the just right words, but look very closely.

There is a slight turning away when loved ones are mentioned, as they privately remember a loss. There is that subtle “glazing of gaze” when our latest purchase is mentioned, because they feel shame over a hurting financial condition. Every now and then there will be a slight tear shed for a broken relationship, quickly whisked away so as not to be a burden.

So many people are suffering so deeply, deep within their souls.

Please take time to notice, dare to give it voice, and care enough to lend a hand. Believe me, your joy will be deeper and more complete if you do. Remember, true love is curious, and cares to the point of action.

The Girl Who Writes.


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