I Can Still Smile

I am depressed.

I can still smile at pretty things.

And laugh when jokes are funny.

I can still talk to people.

And enjoy nice days.


But when I go inside,

When I am alone,

There is something broken.

And I fall into a sadness so sweet

That it engulfs me.

I look in the mirror.

And I dont like what I see.

And the tears always fall

When I am falling asleep.

And I miss something

That doesn’t exist.


I am depressed.

I’ve been sad for a while.

But I can still find the light.

I can still smile.


2 thoughts on “I Can Still Smile

  1. Wouldn’t wish depression on anyone, it’s horrendous. Been battling it myself recently.. Take care and drop me a message anytime if you need to chat 💕So many hugs Xx


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