The Gift of My Girlfriends

There have been times this year when my girlfriends have called me, sobbing… …I hate the way I look I want to lose weight …There’s nothing left in my relationship …My day didn’t go as planned …Finances too tight to be comfortable There have been times this year when I’ve called them, sobbing… …Heartbroken and afraid of my next step …At the edge of sanity … Continue reading The Gift of My Girlfriends

How to Move Forward

When You Feel Like Your Life is Over We all have things that we care passionately about, sometimes to an unreasonable and unhealthy extent. While our individual situations and circumstances are vastly different, feelings are what connect us and are universal. The feeling of devastating loss is the same. When those things that you care about most dearly are taken from you for reasons beyond … Continue reading How to Move Forward

Summer has Arrived…Kind of…

Ok, so it has not felt like summer at all since Monday (20th June) here in the uk BUT being this time of year it gives us the perfect excuse to simply let things go that were perhaps niggling away at us during the winter months. Following the coldest months of the year, what monotonously felt like an endless slog of dark nights and difficult mornings, we … Continue reading Summer has Arrived…Kind of…

Inspirational Quotes & My Thoughts

Here are six quotes that I like and my thoughts around them… “When you’re going through hell keep going.” – Winston Churchill I love this quote because it is a reminder that if we quit because we’re going through hell, we stay in hell. Which might be the hell of regret, the hell of failure, the hell of not having given our best. This inspires … Continue reading Inspirational Quotes & My Thoughts