You Are Enough…

There is a quiet voice deep inside of me.
It tells me that I must let you know of my accomplishments.
It tells me that my possessions should signal to people like you that I am successful.
It tells me to undercut other people to better position myself.
This voice makes me want a fancier title. A fancier car. A fancier bio.
This voice is the voice of inadequacy.
It’s not that I’m a shallow person.
It’s just that deep down I still feel inadequate.
I still feel like I have to prove myself to everyone.
Somehow this voice has never gone away. It tells me I won’t matter. I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve to be here.
As of today I’m letting that voice die.
I’m replacing it with the true voice that says
I am good enough.
I am adequate.
And my value to others is not based on what I’ve done but simply that I desire to help.


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