With the recent YOLO craze going on it’s amazing that more people don’t bring up this quote. Once is enough if you do it the right way, and that includes seeing all the places you want to see, falling in love, and reaching some major goals in your life.  Once you have achieved plenty of the things that you’ve set out for yourself, you’ll start to … Continue reading YOLO


 Things change. People change. Situations change. And change can be scary because it is unfamiliar and uncertain. And we really have two choices for how to approach change. The first is that we can be mad that it is taking place, we can expand energy being frustrated that we have to deal with it, and we can spend time wishing that it wasn’t happening. That … Continue reading Change

For the Love of Food

Don’t eat food that makes your body feel bad. Only eat food that makes you feel good mentally and physically. How often do we eat foods because our brains and our taste buds want them, but then we feel awful afterwards?  We promise ourselves that we won’t do it again, but sure enough, sooner or later we find ourselves in the same predicament again.  It’s important … Continue reading For the Love of Food

The Joy of Eating

In our diet-obsessed society we’ve been taught to view food as a necessary evil, a nuisance, the thing to blame for the scale not budging, the thing we can’t have. The forbidden fruit. Or we’ve been taught to view food in a more neutral light: as fuel. Strictly as a source of nutrients, vitamins, protein, fiber. Fuel for our bodies to function. Fuel for our brains to … Continue reading The Joy of Eating