What Will Be Different Because Of You This Month?

Let us begin this month with a question: what will be better because of you? This month, whose life will you touch? Who will you encourage? Who will you tell; “Give it one more try, it’s not over!”

Even further, who will you share success with? Who will you be an opportunity for? How can you help someone make measurable progress?



Many of us go through the day on autopilot. I believe we do this for two reasons. First, we are so caught up in our own schedule, worry, mobile phones and thoughts that we forget to lift our head up and see what is going on around us. Secondly, often we think that we cannot make an impact, and things just are the way we are.

But when we think like that we end up selling ourselves short and not giving all we can to life. When we don’t give all we can to life, life cannot give all it can to us. Of course, your problems and concerns are real and they matter. But what if we took a step back and said, “I’m not going to focus on this right now, I’m not even going to focus on the solution. I’m going to focus on helping someone else get through their struggle…and you know what… maybe that will give me some more effective insight on my own struggle.”

Again, what will be different because of you?

You can even start much small…

Who can you give a smile to?

How will you show your kindness, compassion and patience?

Who can you be a listening ear for?

It is very important that you believe what you do matters. You must know that you have a great ability to touch and improve the lives and attitudes of those around you.

Recognize it. Call upon it. Use it!




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